Welcome To 69 SEX TIPS

Thanks for visiting this brand new vlog that is going to be filled with hot tips and advice on sex.  Yes, everything goes here and no topic is off limits.  My name is Kacy and I will be your host on this vlog as well as other media like podcast and even articles.  Now you may ask who the hell am I to have a vlog on this subject matter.  Perhaps you may think that I am a love or relationship coach, or even a sex therapist or have some type of degree to answer such questions on sexuality, love, dating and relationships.  The answer to all of the above is ummm NO….  What qualifies me is experience and experience alone.  Now what’s better, someone who’s studied a book on a subject or someone who has actually lived and experienced that subject?  You would be correct, experience trumps books, so there goes my credentials, and trust me when I tell you have put over 20 years in this field and love the field that I am in!

The purpose of this vlog is so that we responsible, mature, open minded adults have a platform where in which we will not judged for what we like for our sexual lives and get to exchange tips on anything on sex. So please feel free to comment on the blog here, this is for us all to participate.  If you want a video on a certain subject matter or if you have a question about sex, love, dating or relationships or want me to review some sex book or something please feel free to send me a message with your request in the contact tab above.  Also subscribe to this vlog with the subscribe button above and get an email as soon as new video comes out, which will be several times a week!   To stay on top of things and get all of my content from other then this blog, then use the buttons in the top far right to follow me in your favorite social media so we can chat live in real time!  I hope that you enjoy the great content that I will deliver to you here and will see you in my next post…..til next time,,,muah!